Friday, July 24, 2009

Sustainability EDGE

In a continued effort to reduce environmental impact, Hickory Chair is now offering an email option to receive acknowledgements and invoices. We have had a number of dealers wish that we could quit mailing and faxing paper acknowledgements and invoices. Both methods require using paper. If you allow us to email them to you it will allow you to receive the information faster and more efficiently. We might suggest that you make sure your spam blocker is set to allow Hickory Chair to send emails with attachments!

For those of you who would like to switch to emailed acknowlegements and invoices, simply email your Hickory Chair sales representative and they will be happy to make this simple change.

Some of the accomplishments we have made to continue to reduce our environmental footprint include:
  • Reduction in landfill waste due to recycling, repurposing and designing the waste out of the product. In 2006 each employee generated 1.3 TONS of waste. In 2008 each employee only generated .7 tons of waste. This year we are on a pace of .4 tons per employee!

  • Last year we were able to bring in 9 products that we had previously imported that are now being made in Hickory, NC! Can you imagine how much fuel and pollution this saves to make it in Hickory, NC instead of having to transport it all the way from the Philippines! Just think of the fuel for the cargo ship, train and then transfer trucks not to mention the labor to load and unload or the pollution savings!

  • Last November we were awarded the first SAGE Award by Cargill and the AHFA for the company wide culture we have developed to be good stewards of the planet!

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