Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rested, Relaxed & Ready!

All of us at Hickory Chair are back after a week's long vacation break! We, like so many other manufacturing companies in the Carolinas close for the week of the 4th of July and again at Christmas. We find it is easier for all of us to vacation at one time instead of part of the employees being away any given week.

We appreciate the influx of new orders for our employees to make for your clients. Just this week we have received countless orders for M2M pieces personalized by length, new Silhouettes upholstery orders for personalized pieces with arm, back, height, depth, cushion, back and length decisions made, as well as personalized wood pieces with finish and hardware selections chosen.

Just before the vacation I was walking through our final rub and pack area with some HCC University participants and we saw a 2244-60 Bachelor's Chest in the standard Medium Mahogany and its solid shiny brass hardware. It was ordered standard. I stood transfixed to the spot in amazement with how long it had been since I had seen a piece like this... in its standard finish and hardware! It is a beautiful piece just as it was originally designed but now is available just the way you want it!
I am so very proud of how our employees have learned to build one of a kind pieces to order so that they can make pieces just for you! Keep sending in those requests for one of a kind pieces... we love making them and love learning from you!

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