Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Wonderful Reunion of HCC University Alumni

One of my favorite things about the High Point Market each spring and fall is the reunion with our HCC University Alumni! I can not even count how many HCC University Alumni that came to the showroom over the past week. It was wonderful to catch up and share stories.

I was thinking about all of the HCC University wishes that came true this market and as I realized how many had come true, I thought you would enjoy reviewing the list!

  • I wish you made some modern swivel chairs, low profile swivel chairs and swivel chairs without skirts. We have developed with our supplier a new mechanism which allows us to keep our custom engineered 8-way hand tied spring system and provide you 9 low profile swivel chairs!

  • I wish you had a sleep sofa. Our Silhouettes Upholstery program has a queen size sleep sofa with an exclusive tri-fold mechanism and Air Dream mattress.
  • I wish that you had more fully upholstered scale sofas with exposed legs. Our Silhouettes Upholstery program offers your choice of 17 exposed legs!
  • I wish that you could change the arms on your sofas and chairs. Our Silhouettes Upholstery program includes 13 arm choices!
  • I wish that you had more high back sofas. We offer an extended height option to Silhouettes Upholstery.
  • I wish you had deeper sofas. Silhouettes Upholstery offers an extended depth option.
  • I wish you had more chaises in your line. Silhouettes Upholstery offers a variety of armless, 2 arm or single arm chaises.
  • I wish that you could change the back construction. There are 5 back choices in Silhouettes Upholstery.
  • And we offer Made To Measure lengths on most of the pieces as well!

These and other wishes were granted at the Spring Market. We are in the process of posting all of the price lists and pictures on Homebase. Keep sharing your wishes. You know we listen and we will make them come true!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can You Believe What They MADE For The Showroom?

The 1857-55 Chippendale Wing Chair has been in our line for over 25 years and never has it looked so fresh and modern as it looks in our High Point Showroom! Ron Fiore, VP / Creative Director, had this great French flour sack fabric (3261-88) and thought it would look great on this small Chippendale wing chair.

He asked the upholsterers to position the stripes vertically on the chair except for the wings where he asked that it be positioned with the stripes running horizontally! Then he asked the factory to make the chair with a custom tight seat instead of the standard spring down seat cushion.

The end result is a custom made piece that looks fresh and very modern!

MADE not Manufactured

Saturday, April 25, 2009

They MADE It For Me!

"I wish that you could make the Piedmont Dining Table counter height for me" asked Suzanne Kasler. The craftsmen at Hickory Chair received the request and within 48 hours responded YES!

Shown in the Hickory Chair showroom at the April 2009 market is the personalized 114" Piedmont Dining Table with a Scrubbed Ash top and the base in Birch painted finish made counter height! She chose a set of the Amsterdam Counter Stools to accompany this one of a kind table!
Literally every day we receive requests for special constructions to adapt our timeless pieces for clients homes. Our employees have great pride in their abilty to make one of a kind pieces. They enjoy being custom craftsman you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Have It MADE at Hickory Chair!

Actually you have it MADE at Hickory Chair! Now more than ever before you have it MADE by hand for you. We are introducing at market the new Silhouettes Upholstery program. It is not only MADE 2 MEASURE but has 2 HEIGHTS, 2 DEPTHS, 17 LEGS, 13 ARMS, 9 SKIRTS, a SLEEP SOFA, SWIVEL and GLIDER SWIVEL options and from order will ship in just 14 DAYS from order!

Go to HOMEBASE and you can find the new market Price Lists and other information. The new Silhouettes Upholstery temporary catalog is posted too!
The chair and chaise are examples of the new Silhouette Upholstery program!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nation's Top Designers Have It MADE

Come see what our amazing artisans and craftsmen can do to help you provide one of a kind solutions for your clients!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Spring Market Is Almost Here!

Contact your Hickory Chair Sales Representative for an appointment today!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

High Point Market!

It is hard to believe that the spring 2009 furniture market in High Point is right around the corner! We are all hard at work finishing up new market introductions, swatching the new fabrics, proofing price lists and writing press releases. In two weeks we will have our sales representatives attending presentations to learn the nuances of the new products. Then on Friday, April 25th our doors will open and we will reveal the AMAZING new introductions.

What is new this season? What is NOT new is my best answer! Not only do we have some beautiful new Mariette Himes Gomez pieces, but also we have amazing upholstery introductions as well! I have already spilled the news about low profile swivels that is an answer to many wishes during the past HCC University I Wish sessions. We are making hundreds of wishes come true this season. Some of them are "I wish you had more exposed leg sofas that are scaled like your skirted sofas. I wish you could leave off the skirt and add a beautiful leg. I wish that you had sectionals with right or left arm corner sofas so you could use just 2 pieces to make a sectional. I wish that you had more chaises. I wish that you had more exposed wood M2M pieces." Shown are the new Gentry M2M series from our Upholstery collection. These and many other wishes are coming true this season.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I Wish...

I wish your Madigan Bar Stools came armless. Yes I know you make them backless and also with backs and arms. My customer wants backs with no arms. No problem! The designer contacted Hickory Chair for a special construction and we were able to make these one of a kind bar stools for their client.

How can our artisans help you find the perfect solution for your home?