Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boston Bound?

If you are planning a visit to Boston, you should take time to visit the Boston Design Center to visit our friends at Ailanthus, Ltd. Hickory Chair is a proud member of the companies available through Ailanthus, Ltd. a to the trade showroom. They have recently acquired additional showroom space and chose to showcase more of the Hickory Chair assortment to their clientele. All of us here at Hickory Chair appreciate their support of the talented craftsmen who make over 87% of our product line in Hickory, North Carolina.

HCC University graduates, Toni and Marisa, will be happy to give you a tour through their beautiful new space. They held a kick-off party to their clientele. Jay Reardon and thir Hickory Chair rep, Jeff Haase, attended the well attended event. They were able to meet loyal designers who have enjoyed placing Hickory Chair pieces in their client's homes as well as designers that are new to our line. They, along with Toni and Marisa, were able to show the designers new levels of personalization that are now showcased in the display! Never before has Ailanthus had such a diversified assortment of pieces that reflect finish, fabric, hardware and other forms of personalization.

Wonder where the name Ailanthus is derived? A quick wikepedia search turned up this definition: Ailanthus - a member of the deciduous Asian trees of the genus Ailanthus - most noteably the tree-of-heaven. After a visit to this beautiful showroom you might rename it the space-of-heaven!

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