Thursday, July 23, 2009

Made in America

In an age of imported products, it is comforting to know that Hickory Chair is still hand crafting one of a kind pieces in Hickory, North Carolina. Since 1911 we have enjoyed the results of highly trained artisans and craftsman that have chosen to make furniture as their vocation. They take such pride in their ability to make pieces that no one may every order that same way again.
In fact did you realize that 87% of our entire product line is made in Hickory? Over the past 5 years our employees have worked diligently to remove the wasteful processes and materials from our facility. The result is that they have more time to invest in each piece that has been ordered for a home. Five years ago only 80% of our product line was made in Hickory.

Because we make it here we have flexibility that offshore manufacturers just do not have! Our employees will work together to try and modify or create one of a kind pieces for our customers. For example, a designer that visited us at market and was excited to see how we had personalized Suzanne Kasler's Piedmont Dining Table to be counter height. (Refer to our They Made It For Me story for more details). Her client needed a very large casual cocktail table. The search ended when she asked " If you can make it taller, can you make it shorter? I need a 20" cocktail table!" We checked with the factory and it was a quick yes!
Asking for special construction requests are easy! Just email your customer service representative a detailed request. If possible print out a picture of the piece from the web site and draw/label it with the instructions. Then fax or scan and email this drawing. Our team meets every morning to review the requests. Our goal is to say yes to every request but if we can not accomodate it we will not only offer a suggestion but will use this to push ourselves to figure out how to be able to say yes next time!

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