Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Revisiting Vintage Hickory Chair

In May we shared an amazing story about a family that had inherited vintage twin beds made by the Hickory Chair Manfacturing Company that were made in approximately 1928. In this story, Vintage Hickory Chair, the daughter of the original owner had reached out to us at Hickory Chair to share her story. She had told us that these beds were the wedding gift to her parents. They had been purchased in Poughkepsie, NY and they now were in the daughter's home in Colorado. She promised to share pictures of the bed. Last week she kept her promise and emailed these pictures to us! In these pictures you can see the wonderful condition these beds are in after the 80 years of use by this family.
The dedication of the employees in each era of Hickory Chair's history that began in 1911 has allowed pieces to become heirlooms. Whether you find Hickory Chair vintage pieces in your family's home, ebay, craig's list or your local antique dealer's shop, there are countless pieces that have timeless quality and style.
Share your vintage Hickory Chair story today!

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