Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Client's Elegant Dining Room" by Bryn Alexandra

I was searching the web for a blog post that I had remembered when I stumbled across Bryn Alexandra's blog post "Client's Elegant Dining Room". I loved the idea of her site and her bio: She is a 20 something, frugal living newlywed's blog about designing her life one day (room, meal or outfit) at a time.

Bryn said a lot in that italicized phrase... we want to invest in things that we love, have value and will want to keep for a long time. This is being frugal. Being frugal allows you to carefully invest in pieces. Being frugal should allow you to save your money for great quality things that will last a long time. If you buy quality you likely will pay a little more initially but over time since it will last, you will never need to spend those dollars again. In addition, since you are not disposing it you are being environmentally friendly. You won't be filling the landfills with things that did not last. In the end you likely have saved a lot of money over time.
In this blog post she had selected the Blix Arm and Side Chairs by Alexa Hampton (see photo) for Hickory Chair. These chairs are architectural in form. They are made from fine solid mahogany with a beautiful plantation grown kingwood veneer applied to the back. One of the artists that hand paints pieces to order striped solid gold paint on the back to punctuate the form. She painted over the black inlay lines that are standard on the back.

We are working with Alexa on a large introduction for the fall International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC. By the holiday season your designer or local store will have an assortment of these amazing new introductions to share with you!


  1. Hard to go wrong with a stunning chair from Hickory Chair. I like her description "Elegant, with a touch of casual."

  2. Thanks Franki! I think Alexa would like that description as well!