Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What an honor!

We have just completed a fantastic Hickory Chair University event! Our group is from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington state, Ontario, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Colorado, New York and Minneapolis. We enjoyed a great day touring the factory on Tuesday and then today we toured the High Point Showroom!

We collected wishes that we are already brainstorming on how to make come true. This particular group had tremendous energy and ideas for ways to stay in touch and share the personalized pieces we hand make through the web site.

We were honored to have the blog authors of lifeinaventicup.com and coco+kelley join us for HCC University. We appreicate their time and enthusiasm for the the hand made products made in Hickory!

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  1. Well look at us! (or as John Fernandez would say, "well look at you!" ;). Nice looking bunch. It was a pleasure meeting everyone! Thanks for posting the group photo of the alums!