Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Special Construction Requests

Every day we receive requests for personalization through Special Construction requests. I continue to be made proud by the many incredible custom requests that we are able to accomodate! As I was giving a tour yesterday for our HCC University Supplier group and several community college executives that focus on supporting local business and industry, we stopped at a bulletin board by the area where we make the one of a kind Milo tables. On this bulletin board were several pictures of chests where the customer had asked for different fronts than the piece had been designed to have for COHTM hardware.

These types of personalization requests are embraced by Hickory Chair craftsman. They look forward to these one of a kind requests. With great pride they think about each special request to visualize how it would look and then to determine how they can make that piece the way the customer wants it. When you order a Hickory Chair piece, you should know that "I have it MADE."

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  1. I love the "I have it made" button! What a brilliant phrase that coordinates beautifully with your tag line! Where can I get one?? ;)