Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lean Thinking in Lean Times

It is human nature to do the urgent things each day. It is much harder to do the important things. We are all guilty of this. Our EDGE culture keeps us focused on the important things that helps us move forward. In difficult times we focus on the important things that will allow us to get better. How do I define better? Faster delivery, better quality, more flexibility to do custom things and the friendliest/helpful people to deal with. We are all focused on this at Hickory Chair.

Want to learn more about our culture? We are honored to be included in a newly published book entitled: Sustaining Lean: Case Studies in Transforming Culture. Hickory Chair has the great honor of being one of the companies who is detailed in a chapter of the book. We are fortunate that as we began the journey in 1997 of continuous improvement which included a change in our company culture that we have been able to continue to transform and sustain our culture. We are fortunate that our employees have supported this since 1997. It has allowed us to survive in difficult times. It has allowed us to transform not only our culture but also our product line, options and has created the flexibilty to make one of a kind pieces.

Interested in learning more without purchasing a book? Listed below is a link to a paper published by Deborah Porto and Michael Smith, Phd. that was the foundation for the new book! Click here!

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