Saturday, May 30, 2009

An American Manufacturing Company

As you read this we have a group 0f 30 designers, sales associates and a blogger on their way to attend HCC University! Our new friends are traveling from Utah, New York, Louisiana, South Dakota, Texas, Iowa, Tennessee, Missouri, Minnesota, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Arizona! We appreciate everyone leaving their families, clients and lives behind to come spend a couple days with us!

Yesterday a gentleman from Colorado called and asked for a factory tour. He had learned that Hickory Chair has a factory tour program and he called to see if he could bring his family by to see an AMERICAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY! Our insurance prevents individuals under 18 years old to enter the factory but I invited him to come see our showroom and meet our employees. He doubted it would work out since they would be coming through Hickory as they leave Asheville traveling toward Raleigh over the weekend. He mentioned that it was very important to him that he teach his children that the things they have were made by people. That the furniture in their home was made by hand.

I wish that I could have accomodated this family. It is just one family, but one family that would share our story with their friends and family. Maybe someday we will be able to open our 98 year old custom workshop to let everyone see how quality Hickory Chair furniture is made!

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