Friday, May 15, 2009

I Was Impressed By...

Each HCC University event reveals the personal thoughts and impressions from each participant. This HCC University group spent one day in Hickory touring the great work rooms that hand make Upholstery and Wood products. The second day we drove to the High Point Showroom and toured it with our great hosts, Ron Fiore and Cathy Mitchell.
We had the great fortune to have Franki Durbin, author of and Cassandra LaValle, author of to join us for HCC University this week! They are amazing ladies that we enjoy following now on their blogs! Click on these links and they will take you to their blog to one of their Hickory Chair stories! Enjoy!

Some of our favorite comments this week were:

- I was impressed with the employees! You can tell that they feel good about what they are doing and that not only do they enjoy it but they take great pride as well. All of us spend more time at work than home. It is important to feel good about your work.

- I could not believe all of the special construction requests being made. I learned so many things that I do not know Hickory Chair could do.

- The pride the craftsmen take with their job.

- I loved how light and cheerful the factory was. It was not dark and dreary. You could feel the camaraderie between not only people in that department but with Jay and everyone. It was not like a factory. It was more like a work room.

- By your honesty. You promise a high quality product and we saw that being made today. That no idea is a bad idea. You are true to your word.

- Because of the respect you have on every level, you can offer all the personalization which helps us give our clients what they want.

- I got the feeling that every piece was being made for me and my client like a custom shop.

- You have total confidence to open up yourself to us. You did not hide your imperfections.

- Seeing new market introductions being made one week after market was over!

- Customization is integrated into the process. It does not slow down the process because you have embraced it!

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