Monday, August 10, 2009

Something Special Just For You!

I wish that you could visit Hickory Chair and see the amazing things that our artisans and craftsmen can do to personalize pieces. Each day that I walk through our 600,000 square foot workroom I am inspired by the special requests that designers have made on behalf of their clients. I am amazed by the enthusiastic way our employees embrace these requests and their ability to make one of a kind pieces.

One of the most amazing group of pieces that I have seen yet is being made now. A college in the midwest hired a design firm to update four sorority houses. The college wanted each house to be uniquely decorated but wanted the pieces to be similar to foster the fraternal spirit between these four sororities. The designer quickly thought of Hickory Chair's ability to personalize pieces. With written permission by the national office of the sororities, four Carlyle Small Credenzas have been ordered with special construction hand painted crests. One sorority will have a credenza finished in Cappuccino finish. Another will be finished in Weathered French Grey paint, another in Weathered Cream and the last will be finished in Classic stain. Most of these pieces were ordered with Customer's Own HardwareTM as well!
We are so fortunate to have talented artists that can create pieces like this working for us here in Hickory, North Carolina. Because we make over 86% of our entire product line here we can offer this amazing range of options and special construction requests. Our employees are proud that they make something special just for you.

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