Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Insights by Alexa Hampton

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of speaking with Alexa Hampton. Shown is a portait taken for Architectural Digest as she once more was selected as one of the top 100 interior designers. In fact, every year since 2002 she has been selected. She is very excited about her new collection for the fall market. She shared that what she was most excited about was...

I think furniture and interiors should have a timelessness about it.

I am not so period specific in the pieces I love. But there are universal characteristics that I am drawn to.

I gain inspiration from everywhere. From lowbrow sources like television and movies to highbrow sources like architecture, art and antiques.

Hickory Chair allows and encourages me to not think narrowly in my designs for the collection. You will see Scandanavian, Ango-Indian and Modern pieces in the new collection.

These new pieces will blend perfectly not only with my existing pieces, but with the other amazing pieces that Hickory Chair makes. I am a big Hickory Chair customer not only because of the great pieces but also because of the great flexiblity they offer to personalize the piece for the client through finish, size, hardware, door panels and other important options. When these pieces are mixed properly the result is something timeless - something that will never go out of style for my clients.

I recently read a blog profile on Alexa Hampton from All The Best. Alexa is amazingly personable and easy to talk with. Her collection for Hickory Chair has been exceedingly popular. This season new levels of personalization never offered before by Hickory Chair will be available through our teamwork with Alexa Hampton!

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