Thursday, August 20, 2009

Silhouettes Chair Safari

Every day is an adventure at Hickory Chair! Walking through our facility is like a safari going out into the wild to see amazing animals in person. It is our workroom and seeing all of the amazing one of a kind Silhouettes creations being made by hand. You never know what you will see day to day. What did we capture before it was carefully packed?

First is a 4300-24 Silhouettes Skirted Chair featuring fabric 2953-93 with contrasting welt and skirt border in 2399-14 with a boxed edge back cushion, t-cushion seat, Lawson arm and soft shirred skirt. This chair was made at standard height and depth.

The second discovery was a 4100-24 Silhouettes Exposed Leg Chair featuring fabric 2702-16 and finish Dark Walnut on the legs. The 511 carved leg was selected for the front leg and when this leg is specified we make a shaped side rail and use a small foot in the back. Lawson arms with a T-cushion seat with Knife Edge back were also selected. Lastly, extended height and depth were requested to make this a more generously scaled chair for the client!

Seeing these two pieces challenged us to continue our search for more amazing one of a kind upholstered chairs. The third chair turned out to be a 4100-33 Silhouettes Exposed Leg Chair in fabric 2540-72 with Narrow Square Arms, Box Edge Back, T-Cushion Seat and 201 legs in Dark Walnut finish. This chair was made standard height and depth and has a thoroughly modern feel.

The last chair found today in our expedition is a 4100-21 Silhouettes Exposed Wood Chair featuring fabric 3118-18, NS-08 nail head trim, English Arms with T-cushion, Knife Edge Back, 530 front legs with serpentine side rail and small legs all finished in Dark Walnut finish. The chair was made standard height with extended depth.

Do you want a distinctive one of a kind chair made for you? We can make these pieces in just 14-21 days from order. Why settle for standard when you can have custom!

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