Monday, August 17, 2009

Chic Coles: Nail Head Extravaganza

We just discovered a wonderful blog, CHIC COLES - Design And Style Tips From A Mom And Her Daughters. The four of them are spread across the country but create the blog together. We were very proud to be included in a post on July 23, 2009 named: Chic Coles: Nail Head Extravaganza. In this post they celebrate the fashion and creativity that working with nail head trim allows!

In this image, the 1552-02 Amsterdam Side Chair , by Suzanne Kasler shows her love of couture-like details where she has instructed our artisan to use the pink grosgrain ribbon with NP-08 old antique petite nails spaced every third nail. She has also requested, as a special construction, that we fill the welt groove so that it has an authentic French look.

The 2860-10 Lakehouse Bed by Thomas O'Brien, the edge of the headboard is outlined with old antique brass NS-08 nail trim. This is Thomas's favorite Hickory Chair nail head trim! The original antique bed came from his Grandmother's lake house in upstate New York. He loved it so much that she gave it to him. His Hickory Chair version has an upholstered headboard with standard nail head trim. The original antique had a wood headboard. Thomas loved the idea that you could personalize his Lakehouse bed with finish, nails and upholstery to create a one of a kind piece!
Lastly, this reproduction wing chair from the 1283-55 Sherwood Forest Plantation in Virginia looks updated and very modern with the treatment created from Antique Ivory paint, teal gimp, spaced every third NS-02 pewter finish nail head trim and if that were not enough, even the ball and toenails have hand applied silver leaf! Do you not love what can be done to update a classic form?

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