Thursday, August 27, 2009

Part 2: Something Special Just For You!

On Monday, August 10th we posted Something Special Just For You! where it shared the amazing order being placed for a group of Carlyle Small Cabinets by Suzanne Kasler for four sorority houses in the midwest. Our artists have enjoyed working with the designer and the official licensed artwork from the four sororities to create these one of a kind pieces. We hope the designer from Nell Hill's enjoyed the process as much as we did to create these one of a kind pieces!

In this first image, the designer selected the Classic finish along with A3 and H3 Antique Silver COH hardware from our stocking hardwared program to accentuate the Alpha Delta Pi sorority crest. This sorority is the oldest in existence - founded in 1851. This Hickory Chair cabinet has these same timeless atributes. If cared for, it too will become an heirloom that will be tomorrows antique!

For the Zeta Tau Apha sorority, Weathered French Grey finish was selected along with the A3 and H3 COH hardware from our stocking program are the perfect complement to their crest! This sorority was begun in 1898. It too has a long legacy.

The Delta Zeta sorority is the new owner of the third Carlyle Small Cabinet. Weathered Cream was selected as the perfect background for the Delta Zeta crest. The standard hardware picked up the colors in the crest.

The last in the series is for Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. The Cappuccino finish was selected along with the standard hardware to create the canvas for the Alpha Gamma Delta crest.
Each of these four sororities now is the proud owner of a timeless heirloom quality piece. Hopefully these pieces will become part of the heritage of the of the sororities and the university itself.
What design obstacle do you have that we can provide the solution to?

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