Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It Was Custom Made...

One of the pieces we at Hickory Chair have made since the 1940's from our James River Collection, the 2131-30 Sideboard, was recently ordered by a customer with a special construction request. They loved the piece but wished that it was shorter. (I can imagine it sitting underneath a large flat screen TV with the equipment either hidden behind the doors or sitting on top!) The customer asked if we could shorten the legs and use a specific ferrule from another piece in our line. The request went out to our craftsmen in their morning meeting and a quick yes came back to the customer service representative along with the custom up-charge. A few days later we received the customer's order!

When reviewing the expansive selection of pieces we make, it is amazing to realize that the original form of the piece is merely a starting place. If it does not suit the room or the aesthetic you are striving for, allow us the opportunity to change the finish, the hardware or even the physical form. While we perhaps can not say yes to every request, we will do our best to try to make a piece just the way you would like it to be!

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