Monday, October 19, 2009

Eton Is Now Available Without Nails!

We love making wishes come true at Hickory Chair. We have had many designers wish that the Eton series was available without nail head trim. We shared this request with the craftsmen at Hickory Chair and they worked together to design a new upholstery technique that would allow the series to be upholstered so that the nail head trim was not necessary.

This wish has come true at this October Market! Now the entire Eton series is available with or without nail head trim. The Eton is available in one inch increments from 33 to 120 inches in length! In addition, we now make the Eton as a standard chair and with a swivel base! These Eton pieces are available now and can ship in just a few weeks from order!


  1. I love the new version of the Eton Chair. It makes cleaner and more versatile.

  2. This chair is incredibly beautiful - love the lines of it! It also looks comfortable. Anyone in Atlanta have it? I would love to see it in person (and, of course, the ultimate test - sit in it!).

  3. In Atlanta we have several fine dealers that show the Eton series! Please visit Mrs. Howard, Mathews Furniture or Beverly Hall to enjoy the comfort and grace of the Eton pieces. I doubt they would have the new nail-less version yet but it is possible.

    Happy Shopping!