Sunday, October 18, 2009

Innovation Allows New Levels of Personalization Introduced at Market

Gustav is an exciting new series of dining tables by Alexa Hampton. These Gustav dining tables were inspired by an antique Scandanavian table. The craftsmen at Hickory Chair and Alexa brainstormed ideas of how these Gustav dining tables could be designed to allow designers to create one of a kind tables for their clients. Their ideas lead to innovation never attempted before not only at Hickory Chair but by furniture manufactuers. The innovative ideas engineered into the product are more typical of a woodright making a custom piece in his workroom.

The Gustav is made both as a Round Dining Table and as a Rectangular Dining Table. In addition to finish flexibility with over 60 optional finishes, Gustav also has three optional apron friezes. You may select from a figure-eight, a reeded and a cathedral cut apron. These distinctive apron friezes will allow you to personalize the table for your room.

The rectangular version of the Gustav dining table is urban scaled. It extends for 60 inches to 104 inches with the addition of two 24 inch leaves. A square tapered leg with Antique Nickel ferrules and decorative corner caps is available in place of the round fluted tapered leg. This simple tapered square leg allows the Gustav to have a less formal feel.

The round Gustav dining table has a 60 inch diameter and extends to 84 inches with its single 24 inch leaf. It has a beautiful hand carved mahogany base standard. The Kimball pedestal base is also available with this top for a different look. There are several optional dining table tops that are available for use with the Gustav pedestal base.
The craftsman and artisans at Hickory Chair can further personalize these pieces for you with the palette of over 68 finishes, finish techniques, combination finishes and striping. Why settle for an off the shelf piece when we can make a one-of-a-kind table for you!

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