Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Bones

Twice per year furniture companies introduce new pieces for their collections. In a way it is like spring with the new growth emerging from the winter. This fall Hickory Chair and Alexa Hampton emerged with dynamic new pieces for the very popular Alexa Hampton Collection.

Alexa (shown left) traveled to High Point to share with the press and visitors to the Hickory Chair Showroom the thought process behind each piece as well as historical pedigree of each piece. Unlike many furniture companies, we begin with a classic form that is now timeless. Reproducing the fine lines and proportion allows the new piece to have 'great bones'. This is true for all things such as the little black dress or a navy blazer. They are those pieces in your closet that can be dressed up for a formal affair or be dressed down for a casual affair.

The new upholstery pieces by Alexa Hampton have the pedigree of classic, timeless forms but are made fresh by the manner in which they were dressed - rich brown finishes and neutral linen fabrics allowing for a quiet luxury. These pieces like the Curtis Sofa, Chair, Ottoman and Chaise have the great bones of Danish 1940's modern furniture but have had their lines made crisp and modern. Their hand made wooden frames outine the piece while comfortable upholstery is executed without welts except for where the fabric meets the frame.
These new Curtis pieces are only a portion of the new pieces available from the Alexa Hampton Collection. They will be in stores beginning in mid to late November! Why settle for ordinary when you can have great bones?


  1. Her new line is just stunning! It was such a pleasure to be able to meet her, she is so talented, not to mention charismatic!

  2. Hey there,

    Great products, just thought i'd congratulate you on your wonderfull blog! I'll be sure to 'spread the word',

    Many thanks!

  3. Are these chairs influenced by the French style?They really look like the French couch style.Luxurious and elegant.

  4. Absolutely love the chaise lounge pictured. They are such elegant pieces that can instantly make any room seem classier and more luxurious, but while still being comfortable. Our blog ( shows a variety of options for chaise lounges to fit your bedroom or living room.

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