Monday, September 28, 2009

It is not a Factory... it is a Workshop!

Every day we have the honor of making one of a kind requests come true at Hickory Chair. Our craftsmen and artists embrace these requests. They are happy to make pieces standard but they love the challenge of making custom pieces. They believe that a factory worker can make standard furniture but it takes a really talented cabinetmaker to make custom furniture. This is one of the reasons so many call Hickory Chair home and have forged careers that span twenty, thirty and even forty years!

A great example of this dedication and skill involved one of our occasional tables. The customer loved the form of the Milo Table (shown left). They were excited that they could pick the height and then we could make it the width and depth that was just right for their room. They chose the veneer species for the top and then the Sable finish. The only drawback was that they really wished the Milo Table was made with a drawer.
The designer knew that they could ask for a special construction and contacted their Customer Service Representative. Within 24 hours of requesting the special construction, we had an answer of yes and a price. The designer was thrilled because they were able to find a table that met the customer's needs without wasting time searching through catalogs or the web. The customer was thrilled because they not only got exactly what they wanted, but it is a one of a kind piece personalized and hand made especially for their home. The cabinetmakers were thrilled because they had the opportunity to please someone and hone new levels of skill.

So, my question is "Why settle for standard when you can have it made special for you?"

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