Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Better With Time...

This week a lady contacted me through our blog. She has in her home a set of our Chippendale Side Chairs. Her set includes (2) 865-01 Arm Chairs and (4) 865-02 Side Chairs. She would love to add two more side chairs to her set.

When contacting Hickory Chair she learned that we retired this style about 10 years ago. I offered to share her story with you! If you have or know of a set of these beautiful mahogany vintage side chairs, please contact me. I have great hope that we can help her finish out her set!

Why am I so confident? If you go to Craig's List or Ebay and type in Hickory Chair you would be amazed with how many pieces are available for sale. The quality of craftsmanship allow the pieces to live several lives... I have a piece my Grandmother purchased in the late 1930's from Hickory Chair as well as a full size bed. I am proud of my heirloom Hickory Chair pieces. I am confident that the pieces I have purchased from the company will be able to furnish my grandchildren's homes someday too!

Do you have a story to share? We would love to hear it!

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