Friday, September 4, 2009

Celebrating Labor

With Labor Day weekend upon us, it made me think to why we celebrate Labor Day. I googled Labor Day origin and was reminded that the first Labor Day was held on September 5, 1882. Twenty thousand laborers marched in New York City not to celebrate a holiday but for change in the work place. America was in the midst of the Industrial Revolution where manufacturing was king. The work environment was very different than it is today. By 1894, congress passed a bill making the first Monday in September a celebration of Labor Day.

Today we should celebrate every American worker. Unfortunately there are more Americans in service jobs than manufacturing - making things for people to buy. At Hickory Chair we celebrate the 460 individuals who choose to be part of our family. These talented craftsmen continue the spirit of the early laborers that made this rugged country a world power. These talented craftsmen at Hickory Chair make each piece to order. They have bridged the era of bench made products to the Industrial Revolution manufacturing world of making batches of furniture. Our employees have taken the efficiencies of lean manufacturing and have applied them to making one piece at a time. They can make custom pieces in just 14-30 days from order. They have transformed our factory where we make furniture to a workroom where we make one of a kind pieces for people's homes.

Let's give thanks and a cheer to the craftsmen who can carve, sew, cut, sand, assemble, upholster, finish, polish, paint, decorate and every other task needed to make one of a kind pieces. Some may consider all of this labor but we consider it art. Without these talented craftsmen and artisans we could not offer the special pieces made to order. I challenge everyone who has read this post to thank the people who choose to make. They are what America was made of and what will help us restore our country to health and prosperity!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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