Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Wonderful Reunion of HCC University Alumni

One of my favorite things about the High Point Market each spring and fall is the reunion with our HCC University Alumni! I can not even count how many HCC University Alumni that came to the showroom over the past week. It was wonderful to catch up and share stories.

I was thinking about all of the HCC University wishes that came true this market and as I realized how many had come true, I thought you would enjoy reviewing the list!

  • I wish you made some modern swivel chairs, low profile swivel chairs and swivel chairs without skirts. We have developed with our supplier a new mechanism which allows us to keep our custom engineered 8-way hand tied spring system and provide you 9 low profile swivel chairs!

  • I wish you had a sleep sofa. Our Silhouettes Upholstery program has a queen size sleep sofa with an exclusive tri-fold mechanism and Air Dream mattress.
  • I wish that you had more fully upholstered scale sofas with exposed legs. Our Silhouettes Upholstery program offers your choice of 17 exposed legs!
  • I wish that you could change the arms on your sofas and chairs. Our Silhouettes Upholstery program includes 13 arm choices!
  • I wish that you had more high back sofas. We offer an extended height option to Silhouettes Upholstery.
  • I wish you had deeper sofas. Silhouettes Upholstery offers an extended depth option.
  • I wish you had more chaises in your line. Silhouettes Upholstery offers a variety of armless, 2 arm or single arm chaises.
  • I wish that you could change the back construction. There are 5 back choices in Silhouettes Upholstery.
  • And we offer Made To Measure lengths on most of the pieces as well!

These and other wishes were granted at the Spring Market. We are in the process of posting all of the price lists and pictures on Homebase. Keep sharing your wishes. You know we listen and we will make them come true!

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