Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can You Believe What They MADE For The Showroom?

The 1857-55 Chippendale Wing Chair has been in our line for over 25 years and never has it looked so fresh and modern as it looks in our High Point Showroom! Ron Fiore, VP / Creative Director, had this great French flour sack fabric (3261-88) and thought it would look great on this small Chippendale wing chair.

He asked the upholsterers to position the stripes vertically on the chair except for the wings where he asked that it be positioned with the stripes running horizontally! Then he asked the factory to make the chair with a custom tight seat instead of the standard spring down seat cushion.

The end result is a custom made piece that looks fresh and very modern!

MADE not Manufactured

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  1. Great looking chair and loved the horizontal lines... very custom looking!