Saturday, June 13, 2009

Making Wishes Come True!

Each HCC University group ends their experience with making wishes. We rank the wishes and do our best to make the most frequently asked wishes come true as soon as we can. Sometimes the wishes that are asked for are not exactly the same but have the same need. For example:

- I wish your finishes were posted on your web site

- I wish your fabrics were on your web site

- I wish that you knew what hardware options were available

- I wish you could get to ePreVue easier

These wishes have now come true! Go to Hickory Chair's web site and look at the new links on the homepage. At the bottom of the page is the SHOWCASE section. From this section you will have short cuts to these wished for features of our line.

If you click on Online Design Studio it will take you to ePreVue homepage which has all furniture categories posted. This is the fastest way to see all types of products. This feature has been in place for about a year. Now simply click on fabrics, leather, finishes, trim or Customers Own HardwareTM and you now have a shortcut to these features!

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