Monday, June 8, 2009

Habitually ChicTM Shares Our Story!

We were very honored to have Heather Clawson, author of the renouned blog, Habitually Chic, attend HCC University last week! She has just completed a wonderful series of posts that illustrates her HCC University experience! We hope that you enjoy her wonderful journey told through pictures and stories.

The first post was entitled "Not Your Grandmother's Hickory Chair!" For those of you who have visited The Mezzanine at Hickory Chair or the showroom in High Point, you know that we make much more than 'red mahogany 18th Century furniture"! (We proudly make that too because we have a very loyal following for this specific era).

The next day she was inpired to share her experience touring the wood products facility in a post entitled "Hickory Chair Factory Tour: Day One". In this tour she showcases not only the tedious steps we take to make not only heirloom quality pieces but also personalized pieces for individual homes.

After a good nights rest, she entitled the next post "Hickory Chair Factory Tour: Day Two" and shared her experience touring through the other side of our factory that houses the upholstery shop. Her enthusiasm for hand made upholstery echos throughout her post.

The first post she had planned to post was postponed when she decided to attend HCC University. This blog post was focused upon Suzanne Kasler's collection for Hickory Chair! We celebrated the first anniversary of this collection at the April Market in High Point. Habitually ChicTM's post, Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair, is beautiful created showing the muse, her sketches and the Hickory Chair final reproduction or adaptation of that piece. Shown here in this picture is Heather and Tobi Fairley that attended HCC University along with our friends from Utah, Maryland, South Dakota, Arizona, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana,Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas.

In today's post Oh Baby Update, she shared with all of us to see one of her installations for a family with a new baby on the way. In the post she shares the sources from the paint to the furniture. We appreciate her post regarding the Chair that says "I wish that I had visited Hickory Chair before we chose a glider from another retailer who shall remain nameless because then the beautiful Meredith fabric from Schumacher would have matched on all four sides! It still looks great though and can be moved to the living room in the future."

We appreciate everything that Heather has shared about her Hickory Chair experience. We hope that it is just the beginning of a long friendship. As she is a designer as well as a blogger, we hope that our craftsmen in Hickory are able to assist Heather in providing solutions for her client's homes in the future!

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