Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 23-25, 2009 HCC University

We had a wonderful HCC University event this week! Our dynamic group was from many areas of the country including Illinois, South Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina and Alabama. With the diverse backgrounds including a to the trade showroom, boutique stores, interior design firms and a designers from a large chain of stores, we enjoyed sharing ideas, feedback and wishes - some of which we heard for the first time!
We really appreciate everyone taking their time from their family, work and home to spend time with us. We hope that everyone enjoyed the experience and will find providing solutions to their clients easier than ever! We also hope that everyone will stay in touch and continue to share their wishes. This will help us more than you know to keep our line relevant and fresh!
We were able to give a sneak preview to our new April 2009 market introductions! We are making countless wishes come true this market! For example, I wish you had low profile swivels. Imagine the Soho Chair, Rawlings Chair, Peterson Chair, and others as swivel chairs! The best part is that they are available now! Your Hickory Chair sales representative or customer service representative can assist you now!
Mariette Himes Gomez has an extensive new launch of distinctive pieces this market. Mariette's ability to find unqiue forms that transcend both modern and classic interiors have led to the collection's success over the 7 years since its inception in 2002. She has always been attracted by intriguing profiles particularly circular forms. Her inspiration for the April 2009 introduction is best exemplified by her own words "In this new collection I find myself in an international and eclectic frame of mind." She wanted to add a new dimension to the mix with profiles and forms that were missing from the marketplace.
I wish we could change the height or depth. I wish you had a sleeper sofa. I wish that you had sectionals with corner sofas and corner love seats so we could make 2 piece sectionals. I wish you had more fully upholstered scaled exposed wood sofas. I wish you could change the legs. I wish you could change the arms. I wish you had a wide flat arm sofa. These and more wishes will come true with Silhouettes Upholstery. Your Hickory Chair sales representative can give you a more thorough sneak preview to the upholstery program that may transform the way you view upholstery forever!

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